Identifying genuine products made fast and easy.
We can fight counterfeits together. Our ultimate goal is to get rid of these pesky fake sneakers, t‑shirts and hoodies. Are you with us?
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Digital NFT twins
When buying products of our partner brands, you will receive digital NFT twins which serve as certificates of authenticity and ownership tied to your Prown account.
These certficates are the digital representations of real world items, issued by brands. We made sure they cannot be tampered with or faked, so you can feel safe while shopping for authentic products.
The authenticity of goods
Because of the way certificates are issued and transferred, the possibility of buying a counterfeit or stolen product is close to zero.
The QR code can be attached to the product, or displayed with the item on the internet. So even if you’re shopping online, you can check if the product is genuine before you decide to purchase it.
The ownership
You can transfer the certificate alongside the product to prove its authenticity on the second hand market.
Blockchain technology guarantees that the certificate is moved - and not copied - when it is transferred.